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Little things about condoms

How to choose the right condom?


Some people live with the impression that using a condom will take the fun away from sex. Other people have accepted condoms and are using it creatively to accentuate their sex lives. Moreover, you can enjoy sex to the fullest when your mind does not have to worry about unwanted pregnancy and STDs.


A little practice and within no time you will be a pro at using condoms.


Thick condoms or thin condoms?

Research states that regular size (thinner) condoms offer you same protection as much as the thicker condoms. This news is really exciting as thinner condoms give the person more sensations while having sex. In fact, most of the times condom breaks because it was not used properly and not because of how thick or thin it was. When a condom does end up breaking, it is generally due to user error, such as not wearing it correctly or having sex that is too rough, and not because of a manufacturing malfunction.


Finding the right Condom size


All men are not born similar. Some are tall, while others are short. Our differences also come in the size of each man’s penis. The penis of a man comes in different shapes and sizes – so does condoms. In your past experience with condoms, has it ever slipped off or felt too tight? If you have an answer to this question, then ask yourself, are you using the right condom size? If a condom is too small for you, it can end up leaving you with a restricted and uncomfortable feeling. If the condom is too big, it might end up slipping off. So, it is imperative for you to use a condom that is perfect for you and fits you correctly.


When you buy condom from a store, the packet usually mentions the measurement of the condoms inside

If you are looking for smaller size condoms, look for those called as ‘trim’ or ‘snug fit’

If you are in need of a wider or longer condom, look for those called ‘XL’ or ‘Magnum’